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Especially designed and made to serve our local and international customers, ME-CARAVAN.COM has been launched to introduce full and detailed review of the company's list of products and services, history of the firm, vision and mission. Our customers shall have full access to our extensive, ...

  • The purchase of a Caravan or a Pre-fabricated Building is often required for long term or semi-permanent projects.
  • Caravans are selected from our extensive stock, or acquired specifically for our client's requirements.
  • Our clients often prefer to rent a Caravan from us when their accommodation requirement is short term. Renting a Caravan a can have advantages over purchase for longer term projects:-

  • Renting of a Caravan does not involve the outlay of capital.
  • Costs are fixed to an agreed contract term.
  • Caravans can be off-hired when required to free up space.
  • Our business involves the renewal of Caravans and Buildings. This is good for the environment.
  • If you have any kind of Caravan or Pre-fabricated Building you wish to renew quickly and efficiently please contact us.
  • We will then contact you to discuss your  Caravan or Pre-fabricated Building .
  • We can view your Caravan or Pre-fabricated Building via emailed photos, if available.
  • We will renew the Caravan or Pre-fabricated Building to the agreed programme.
We sell, rent and buy all you need for temporary site offices and portable accommodation.
If you would like to buy, rent or sell any type of Caravan or Pre-fabricated building, please click here for a prompt response.